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8 Bible Verses about Two Ornaments

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 24:22

After the camels had finished drinking, the man took a gold ring weighing half a shekel, and for her wrists two bracelets weighing 10 shekels of gold.

Exodus 28:9

“Take two onyx stones and engrave on them the names of Israel’s sons:

Exodus 28:23

Fashion two gold rings for the breastpiece and attach them to its two corners.

Exodus 39:16

They also fashioned two gold filigree settings and two gold rings and attached the two rings to its two corners.

Exodus 39:19

They made two other gold rings and put them at the two other corners of the breastpiece on the edge that is next to the inner border of the ephod.

Exodus 39:20

They made two more gold rings and attached them to the bottom of the ephod’s two shoulder pieces on its front, close to its seam, above the ephod’s woven waistband.

Exodus 28:14

and two chains of pure gold; you will make them of braided cord work, and attach the cord chains to the settings.

Exodus 28:7

It must have two shoulder pieces attached to its two edges so that it can be joined together.

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