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'Fifteen' in the Bible

The hangings for the one section are to be fifteen cubits long, with their three pillars and three sockets.

"For the second section there are to be hangings of fifteen cubits, with their three pillars and three sockets.

The hangings for one section were fifteen cubits long, with their three pillars and three sockets,

and also for the second section. On either side of the gate of the court were hangings of fifteen cubits long with their three pillars and three sockets.

If a person is 60 or more years old, then your valuation for a male is to be fifteen shekels and for a female ten shekels.

You and your servants are to farm the land on his behalf and bring in the crops in order to provide for your master's grandson. Meanwhile, Mephibosheth, your master's grandson, will always have a place at my table." (Now Ziba had fifteen sons and 20 servants.)

Ziba, the steward in charge of Saul's household, and 1,000 descendants of Benjamin accompanied him, along with Ziba's fifteen sons and 20 servants. They rushed toward the Jordan River ahead of the king

There were 45 pillars paneled with cedar above the side chambers, with rows of fifteen pillars,

Joash's son, King Amaziah of Judah, lived for fifteen years after Jehoahaz' son, King Jehoash of Israel, died.

Furthermore, I'll add fifteen years to your life. I'll deliver you and this city from domination by the king of Assyria, and I'll defend this city for my own sake and for the sake of my servant David."'"

Joash's son Amaziah, king of Judah, lived for fifteen years after the death of Jehoahaz' son Joash, king of Israel.

"Go tell Hezekiah, "This is what the LORD God of your ancestor David has to say: "I've heard your prayer and I've seen your tears; so I will add fifteen years to your life.

The shekel is to weigh 20 gerahs. The mina is to be comprised of three coins weighing 20, 25, and fifteen shekels, respectively.'"

So I bought her back for myself for fifteen pieces of silver and one and a half omers of barley.

Now Bethany was near Jerusalem, about fifteen stadia away,

After taking soundings, they found the depth to be twenty fathoms. A little later, they took soundings again and found it was fifteen fathoms.

Then three years later, I went up to Jerusalem to become acquainted with Cephas, and I stayed with him for fifteen days.

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חמשּׁה חמשׁ 
Usage: 343

עשׂרה עשׂר 
Usage: 174

Usage: 3

Usage: 5

Usage: 20

Usage: 1

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