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'Threatened' in the Bible

And Yahweh relented concerning the disaster that he had {threatened} to do to his people.

{Now Saul was threatened by the presence of David} because Yahweh was with him, but had departed from Saul.

but when Saul saw that he [was] very successful, {he was severely threatened by him}.

Saul {was threatened by David still more}, so Saul {became a perpetual enemy of David}.

{David took these words seriously} and {felt severely threatened by} Achish the king of Gath.

But [if] that nation turns back from its evil that I have threatened against it, then I will relent concerning the disaster that I planned to do to it.

And I will punish him, and his offspring, and his servants for their guilt, and I will bring on them, and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and on the people of Judah all the disaster with which I have threatened them, but they would not listen." '"

And [the] captain of [the] guard took Jeremiah and said to him, "Yahweh your God threatened this disaster to this place,

and [now] he has brought [it about], and Yahweh has done {just as} he threatened. Because you sinned against Yahweh and did not listen to his voice, so this thing [has] happened to you.

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