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'Warriors' in the Bible

That day they killed about ten thousand Moabites -- all strong, capable warriors; not one escaped.

Warriors were scarce, they were scarce in Israel, until you arose, Deborah, until you arose as a motherly protector in Israel.

Let them tell the righteous acts of the Lord, the righteous deeds of His warriors in Israel, with the voices of the singers at the watering places. Then the Lord's people went down to the gates.

The survivors came down to the nobles; the Lord's people came down to me with the warriors.

"Curse Meroz," says the Angel of the Lord, "Bitterly curse her inhabitants, for they did not come to help the Lord, to help the Lord against the mighty warriors."

Now Zebah and Zalmunna were in Karkor, and with them was their army of about 15,000 men, who were all those left of the entire army of the Qedemites. Those who had been killed were 120,000 warriors.

And the men of Israel besides Benjamin were counted four hundred thousand {sword-wielding men}; {all were warriors}.

There were 18,000 men who died from Benjamin; all were warriors.

All the Benjaminites who died that day were 25,000 armed men; all were warriors.

The congregation sent 12,000 brave warriors there and commanded them: "Go and kill the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead with the sword, including women and children.

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