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'Whoever' in the Bible

She is a tree of life for those who embrace her, and whoever clutches her tightly will be joyful.

"Let whoever is naive, turn in here." To anyone lacking sense, she says,

Whoever corrects a mocker invites only insult, and whoever rebukes the wicked will himself become stained.

"Whoever is naive, turn in here!" And to anyone lacking sense, she says,

Whoever walks in integrity lives prudently, but whoever perverts his way of life will be exposed.

Genuine righteousness leads to life, but whoever pursues evil will die.

The life of a wealthy man may be held for ransom, but whoever is poor receives no threats.

Anyone who despises a word of advice will pay for it, but whoever heeds a command will be rewarded.

Someone whose conduct is upright fears the LORD, but whoever is devious in his ways despises him.

Whoever despises his neighbor sins, but whoever shows kindness to the poor will be happy.

Whoever ignores instruction hates himself, but anyone who heeds reproof gains understanding.

The king's wrath results in a death sentence, but whoever is wise will appease him.

The road of the upright circumvents evil, and whoever watches how he lives preserves his life.

Whoever winks knowingly is plotting deceit; anyone who purses his lips is bent towards evil.

Whoever practices evil pays attention to wicked speech, and the liar listens to malicious talk.

Whoever isolates himself pursues selfish ends; he resists all sound advice.

Whoever obtains wisdom loves himself, and whoever treasures understanding will prosper.

Whoever obeys a commandment keeps himself safe, but someone who is contemptuous in conduct will die.

Whoever wanders from the path of understanding will end up where the dead are gathered.

Thorns and snares lie in the path of the perverse person, but whoever is cautious stays far away from them.

Whoever says to the wicked, "You're in the right," will be cursed by people and hated by nations.

Whoever sends a message by the hand of a fool cuts off his own feet and drinks violence.

Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and the stone will come back on whoever starts it rolling.

Whoever nurtures the fig tree will eat its fruit, and whoever obeys his master will be honored.

Those who forsake the Law praise the wicked, but whoever keeps it fights them.

Evil men don't understand justice, but whoever seeks the LORD understands it all.

Whoever misleads the upright along an evil way will himself fall into his own pit, but the blameless will inherit what is good.

A Commander-in-Chief who is a cruel oppressor lacks understanding, but whoever hates unjust gain will live longer.

Whoever lives blamelessly will be delivered, but whoever is perverted will fall without warning.

Whoever rebukes a man will later on find more favor than someone who flatters with his words.

Whoever steals from his father or mother but claims, "It's no sin," is a companion to someone who demolishes.

The unjust man is detestable to the righteous, and whoever lives blamelessly is detestable to the wicked.

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