Jeremiah Themes

Book Summary:

Christ is pictured in Jeremiah as the fountain of living waters, the great physician, the good shepherd, the righteous branch, as David he King, as the Redeemer, as the Lord our Righteousness.

Jeremiah preached at a time when Israel was turning away from the living God and he saw his fellow men taken into captivity. However Jeremiah preached that out of this disaster some good would come, that good is the coming of the Messiah. He prophesied that he would come and save Israel – “in his days Judah will be saved and Israel will live in safety. This is the name by which he will be called : the Lord our Righteous Branch.” (Jeremiah 23:6) Therefore Jeremiah prophesied that God would re-gather his people and thus not allow them to remain in captivity. This would be in preparation for the coming of the “good Shepherd” (Jeremiah 33:14-17) Jeremiah describes the future kingdom that Jesus would set up in great detail.

Jeremiah Chapter Themes

Jeremiah Major Themes