1 And I, brothers, could not speak to you as to spiritual, but as to carnal, as to the childlike in Christ. 2 I gave you milk to drink and not solid food, for ye were not yet able. But not even yet are ye able, 3 for ye are still carnal. For whereas among you is envy and strife and divisions, are ye not carnal and walk according to man? 4 For while one may say, I am of Paul, and another, I am of Apollos, are ye not carnal?
5 Who therefore is Paul and who is Apollos? But rather helpers through whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to each man. 6 I planted, Apollos watered, but God caused growth. 7 So then neither is he who plants anything, nor he who waters, but God who causes growth. 8 Now he who plants and he who waters are one, but each man will receive his own payment according to his own labor. 9 For we are co-workmen of God. Ye are a tillage of God, an edifice of God. 10 According to the grace of God that was given to me, as a wise master builder, I laid a foundation and another man is building on it. But let each man take heed how he is building on it. 11 For no man can lay another foundation besides that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 12 And if any man builds upon this foundation, gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, 13 each man's work will become manifest. For the day will make it known, because it is revealed by fire. And the fire will test each man's work of what kind it is. 14 If any man's work that he built on will remain, he will receive benefit. 15 If any man's work will be burned, he will suffer loss, but he himself will be saved, but so as through fire.
16 Know ye not that ye are a temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells in you? 17 If any man destroys the temple of God, God will destroy this man, for the temple of God is holy, which ye are.
18 Let not one man deceive himself. If any man among you seems to be wise in this age, let him become foolish so that he may become wise. 19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God. For it is written, He who catches the wise in their craftiness, 20 and again, Lord knows the thoughts of the wise that they are vain. 21 Therefore let not one man boast in men. For all things are yours, 22 whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things coming, all are yours, 23 and ye are Christ's, and Christ is God's.