Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.

Bible References


Isaiah 12:4
And ye said in that day, Praise ye to Jehovah, call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples; keep ye in remembrance that his name was exalted.
Acts 9:14
And here has he authority from the chief priests to bind all those calling on thy name.
1 Corinthians 1:2
To the church of God being in Corinth, to the consecrated in Christ Jesus, to the Called holy ones, with all calling upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in every place, both theirs and ours:


1 Kings 8:43
Wilt thou hear in the heavens thy prepared dwelling, and do according to all the stranger shall call upon thee? so that all the people of the earth shall know thy name to fear thee as thy people Israel; and to know that thy name was called upon this house which I built
2 Kings 19:19
And now, O Jehovah our God, save us now out of his hand, and all the kingdoms of the earth shall know that thou Jehovah art God alone.
Psalm 67:2
To know thy way in the earth, thy salvation among all the nations.
Psalm 78:3
Which we heard and we shall know them, and our fathers recounted to us.
Psalm 145:5
I will speak the splendor of the honor of thy majesty, and the words of thy wonders.