Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


The sons of Judah; Er, and Onan, and Shelah: which three were born unto him of the daughter of Shua the Canaanitess. And Er, the firstborn of Judah, was evil in the sight of the LORD; and he slew him.

Bible References

Er, and

1 Chronicles 9:5
And, of the Shilonites, Asaiah the firstborn, and his sons.
Genesis 38:2
And Judah saw there a daughter of a certain Canaanite whose, name, was Shua, - and he took her, and went in unto her;
Genesis 46:12
And the sons of Judah, - Er and Onan and Shelah, and Perez and Zerah, - but Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan, and the sons of Perez were Hezron and Hamul;
Numbers 26:19
The sons of Judah, Er and Onan, - but Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan.