Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


1 John 2:26
I write you this with reference to those who are trying to mislead you.
Romans 2:13
For merely hearing the Law read does not make a man upright in the sight of God; men must obey the Law to be made upright.
1 Corinthians 6:9
Do you not know that wrongdoers will not have any share in God's kingdom? Do not let anyone mislead you. People who are immoral or idolaters or adulterers or sensual or given to unnatural vice
Galatians 6:7
Do not be deceived. God is not to be sneered at. A man will reap just what he sows.
Ephesians 5:6
Whatever anyone may say in the way of worthless arguments to deceive you, these are the things that are bringing God's anger down upon the disobedient.
James 1:22
Obey the message; do not merely listen to it, and deceive yourselves.
James 2:19
Do you believe in one God? Very well! So do the demons, and they shudder.
James 5:1
Come now, you rich people! weep aloud and howl over the miseries that are going to overtake you!

He that

Matthew 5:20
For I tell you that unless your uprightness is far superior to that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never even enter the Kingdom of Heaven!
Luke 1:75
And should serve him in holiness and uprightness, unafraid, In his own presence all our lives.
Acts 10:35
but welcomes the man of any nation who reveres him and does what is right.
Romans 2:6
For he will pay every man for what he has done.
Romans 6:16
Do you not know that when you submit to being someone's slaves, and obeying him, you are the slaves of the one whom you obey, whether your slavery is to sin, and leads to death, or is to obedience, and leads to uprightness?
Ephesians 5:9
for light leads to perfect goodness, uprightness, and truth;
Philippians 1:11
with your lives filled with the fruits which uprightness produces through Jesus Christ, to the honor and praise of God.
1 Peter 2:24
He carried the burden of our sins in his own body on the cross, in order that we might die to sin and live for uprightness. By his wounds you have been healed.


1 John 3:3
And everyone who possesses this hope in him tries to make himself as pure as he is.
1 John 2:1
My dear children, I am writing you this so that you may not sin; yet if anyone does sin, we have in Jesus Christ one who is upright and will intercede for us with the Father.
Hebrews 1:8
But of the Son he says, "God is your throne forever and ever! And a righteous scepter is the scepter of his kingdom!
Hebrews 7:2
to whom Abraham apportioned one tenth of all the spoil, who is first, as his name shows, king of righteousness and then king of Salem, which means king of peace??3 with no father or mother or ancestry, and with no beginning to his days nor end to his life, but like no one but the Son of God, continues as priest forever.
1 Peter 1:15
but like the holy Being who has called you, you must also prove holy in all your conduct,