Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


After this thing Jeroboam returned not from his evil way, but made again of the lowest of the people priests of the high places: whosoever would, he consecrated him, and he became one of the priests of the high places.

Consecrated him

Bible References

Made again

Psalm 78:34
When he slew them, they sought him, and turned them early, and inquired after God.
Jeremiah 18:4
The vessel that the Potter made of clay, brake among his hands: So he began anew, and made another vessel, according to his mind.


Numbers 1:51
And when the tabernacle goeth forth, the Levites shall take it down: and when the tabernacle is pitched, they shall set it up: for if any stranger come near, he shall die.
Numbers 3:10
And thou shalt appoint Aaron and his sons to wait on their priests' office: and the stranger that cometh nigh shall die for it."
Numbers 17:5
And his rod whom I chose, shall blossom: So I will make cease from me the grudgings of the children of Israel which they grudge against you."

Consecrated him

Exodus 28:41
and thou shalt put them upon Aaron thy brother and on his sons with him and shalt anoint them and fill their hands and consecrate them, that they may minister unto me.