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And this thing became sin unto the house of Jeroboam, even to cut it off, and to destroy it from off the face of the earth.

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Became sin

1 Kings 12:30
This caused Israel to sin; the people went to Bethel and Dan to worship the calves.
2 Kings 10:31
But Jehu did not carefully and wholeheartedly obey the law of the Lord God of Israel. He did not repudiate the sins which Jeroboam had encouraged Israel to commit.
2 Kings 17:21
He tore Israel away from David's dynasty, and Jeroboam son of Nebat became their king. Jeroboam drove Israel away from the Lord and encouraged them to commit a serious sin.

To cut it off

1 Kings 12:26
Jeroboam then thought to himself: "Now the Davidic dynasty could regain the kingdom.
1 Kings 14:10
So I am ready to bring disaster on the dynasty of Jeroboam. I will cut off every last male belonging to Jeroboam in Israel, including even the weak and incapacitated. I will burn up the dynasty of Jeroboam, just as one burns manure until it is completely consumed.
1 Kings 15:29
When he became king, he executed Jeroboam's entire family. He wiped out everyone who breathed, just as the Lord had predicted through his servant Ahijah the Shilonite.
Proverbs 13:6
Righteousness guards the one who lives with integrity, but wickedness overthrows the sinner.

General references

Psalm 21:10
You destroy their offspring from the earth, their descendants from among the human race.

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