Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Then king Solomon sware by the LORD, saying, God do so to me, and more also, if Adonijah have not spoken this word against his own life.

Bible References


1 Kings 20:10
Ben Hadad sent another message to him, "May the gods judge me severely if there is enough dirt left in Samaria for my soldiers to scoop up in their hands."
Ruth 1:17
Wherever you die, I will die -- and there I will be buried. May the Lord punish me severely if I do not keep my promise! Only death will be able to separate me from you!"
1 Samuel 14:44
Saul said, "God will punish me severely if Jonathan doesn't die!"
2 Samuel 3:9
God will severely judge Abner if I do not do for David exactly what the Lord has promised him,
2 Samuel 19:13
Say to Amasa, 'Are you not my flesh and blood? God will punish me severely, if from this time on you are not the commander of my army in place of Joab!'"
2 Kings 6:31
Then he said, "May God judge me severely if Elisha son of Shaphat still has his head by the end of the day!"


Psalm 64:8
Their slander will bring about their demise. All who see them will shudder,
Psalm 140:9
As for the heads of those who surround me -- may the harm done by their lips overwhelm them!
Proverbs 18:6
The lips of a fool enter into strife, and his mouth invites a flogging.
Ecclesiastes 10:12
The words of a wise person win him favor, but the words of a fool are self-destructive.
Luke 19:22
The king said to him, 'I will judge you by your own words, you wicked slave! So you knew, did you, that I was a severe man, withdrawing what I didn't deposit and reaping what I didn't sow?

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