Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


So the prophet departed, and waited for the king by the way, and disguised himself with ashes upon his face.

Bible References


1 Kings 14:2
Then said Jeroboam to his wife - Arise, I pray thee, and feign thyself another, that it be not known, that, thou, art the wife of Jeroboam, - and thou shalt go thy way to Shiloh, lo! there, is Ahijah the prophet, who promised I should be king over this people;
1 Kings 22:30
And the king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat - I am about to disguise myself, and enter into the battle, thou, therefore, put on thy robes. So the king of Israel disguised himself, and entered into the battle.
2 Samuel 14:2
So Joab sent to Tekoa, and fetched from thence, a wise woman, - and said unto her - I pray thee, feign thyself a mourner, and put on, I pray thee, mourning apparel, and do not anoint thyself with oil, but be as a woman that hath, these many days, been mourning for the dead;
Matthew 6:16
And, when ye may he fasting, become not ye, as the hypocrites, of sullen countenance, - for they darken their looks, that they may appear, unto men, to be fasting: Verily, I say unto you, they are getting back their reward.