Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

His own self

Exodus 28:38
So shall it be upon the forehead of Aaron, and Aaron shall bear the iniquity of the hallowed things, which the sons of Israel shall hallow, for all their hallowed gift, - and it shall be upon his forehead continually, that there may be acceptance for them before Yahweh.
Leviticus 16:22
so shall the goat hear upon him all their iniquities into a lone land, - and he shall set the goat free, in the desert.
Leviticus 22:9
Therefore shall they keep my charge, and shall not bear, for it, sin, and die therein, when they profane it, - I - Yahweh, am hallowing them.
Numbers 18:22
that the sons of Israel come near no more, unto the tent of meeting, - to bear sin, to die.
Psalm 38:4
For, mine iniquities, have passed over my head, Like a heavy burden, they are too heavy for me:
Isaiah 53:4
Yet surely, our sicknesses, he, carried, And, as for our pains, he bare the burden of them, - But, we, accounted him stricken. Smitten of God and humbled,
Matthew 8:17
that it might be fulfilled, which was spoken through Isaiah the prophet, saying, - Himself, our weaknesses, took, and, diseases, bare.
John 1:29
On the morrow, he beholdeth Jesus, coming unto him, and saith - See! the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world.
Hebrews 9:28
Thus, the Christ also, once for all having been offered, for the bearing of the sins, of many, a second time, apart from sin, will appear, to them who for him are ardently waiting - unto salvation.

The tree

Deuteronomy 21:22
But when there shall be in any man a sin worthy of death and he is to be put to death, - and thou shalt hang him on a tree,
Acts 5:30
The God of our fathers, hath raised up Jesus, - whom, ye, got into your hands, suspending him upon a tree: -
Acts 10:39
We also, are witnesses of all things which he did, both in the country of the Jews and Jerusalem; whom they even slew by suspending upon a tree; -
Acts 13:29
And, when they had finished all those things which, concerning him, had been written, taking him down from the tree, they put him in a tomb.
Galatians 3:13
Christ, hath redeemed, us, out of the curse of the law, having become, in our behalf, a curse; - because it is written - Cursed, is every one that hangeth upon a tree; -


1 Peter 4:1
Christ, then, having suffered in flesh, do, ye also, with the same purpose, arm yourselves, - because, he that hath suffered in flesh, hath done with sins, -
Romans 6:2
Far be it! we who have died unto sin, how, any longer, shall we live therein?
Romans 7:6
But, now, we have received full release from the law, by dying in that wherein we used to be held fast, so that we should be doing service - in newness of spirit and not in obsoleteness of letter.
Colossians 3:3
For ye have died, and, your life, is hid, together with the Christ, in God, -
Hebrews 7:26
For, such a high-priest as this, for us, was evensuited: Loving, noble, undefiled, set apart from sinners, and become, higher than the heavens;


Matthew 5:20
For I say unto you, that, unless your righteousness exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisees, in nowise, may ye enter into the kingdom of the heavens.
Luke 1:74
without fear, from the hand of enemies rescued, to be rendering divine service unto him,
Acts 10:35
But, in every nation, he that feareth him and worketh righteousness, is acceptable unto him.
Romans 6:11
So, ye also, be reckoning yourselves to be - dead indeed unto sin, but, alive unto God in Christ Jesus.
Ephesians 5:9
For, the fruit of the light, is in all goodness, and righteousness, and truth, -
Philippians 1:11
Filled with that fruit of righteousness which is through Jesus Christ unto the glory and praise of God.
1 John 2:29
If ye know that he is, righteous, ye perceive that - whosoever doeth righteousness, of him, hath been born.
1 John 3:7
Dear children! Let, no one, lead you astray! He that is doing righteousness, is, righteous, just as, He, is righteous:


Isaiah 53:5
Yet, he, was pierced for transgressions that were ours, was crushed for iniquities that were ours, - the chastisement for our well-being, was upon him, And by his stripes, there is healing for us.
Matthew 27:26
Then released he unto them Barabbas, but, scourging, Jesus, delivered him up, that he might be crucified.
Mark 15:15
And Pilate, being minded to do what would satisfy, the multitude, released unto them Barabbas, and delivered up Jesus, having scourged him, that he should be crucified.
John 19:1
Then Pilate, therefore, took Jesus, and scourged him.


Psalm 147:3
He is healing the broken in heart, - and binding up their hurts.
Malachi 4:2
So shall the sun of righteousness, arise to you who revere my Name, with healing in his wings, - and ye shall come forth and leap for joy like calves let loose from the stall;
Luke 4:18
The Spirit of the Lord, is upon me, because he hath anointed me - to tell glad tidings unto the destitute; He hath sent me forth, - To proclaim, to captives, a release, and, to the blind, a recovering of sight, - to send away the crushed, with a release;
Revelation 22:2
in the midst of the broadway thereof. And, on this side of the river and on that, was a tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, every several month, yielding its fruit; and, the leaves of the tree, were for the healing of the nations,

General references

Leviticus 17:16
But, if he wash them not, and his flesh, he do not bathe, then shall he bear his iniquity.
Leviticus 22:19
that ye may be accepted, it must be a male without defect, of the beeves, or of the sheep, or of the goats:
Numbers 7:15
one choice young bullock one ram one he-lamb of the first year, as an ascending-sacrifice;
Numbers 28:30
one young he-goat, - for putting a propitiatory-covering over you:
Deuteronomy 25:2
And it shall be - if the lawless man be, worthy of stripes, then shall the judge cause him to lie down and he beaten before him, according to the measure of his lawlessness, by number: