1 And Samuel will take a flask of oil and pour upon his head, and he will kiss him and say, Is it not that Jehovah anointed thee for leader over his inheritance? 2 In thy going this day from me and thou shalt find two men by the sepulchre of Rachel in the bound of Benjamin in Zelzah; and they said to thee, The asses were found which thou wentest to seek: and behold, thy father cast off the matters of the asses, and was afraid for you, saying, What shall I do for my son?
3 And pass on from thence and beyond, and thou camest to the oak of Tabor, there three men shall find thee going up to God, to the house of God, one lifting up three kids and one lifting up three rounds of bread, and one lifting up a skin of wine. 4 And they asked thee for peace, and they gave thee two of bread, and thou receivedst from their hands.
5 After this thou shalt come to the hill of God, where there Philisteim standing: and it will be when thou comest there to the city, and thou didst light upon a band of prophets coming down out of Bamah, and before them a lyre, and a drum, and a pipe, and a harp; and they prophesying. 6 And the shout of Jehovah fell suddenly upon thee and thou shalt prophesy with them, and be turned to another man. 7 And it was when these signs shall come upon thee, do for thyself what thy hand shall find, for God is with thee. 8 And go down before me to Gilgal; and behold, I come down to thee to bring up burnt offerings, to sacrifice sacrifices of peace: seven days shalt thou wait till my coming to thee, and I made known to thee what thou shalt do.
9 And it was as he turned away his shoulder to go from Samuel, and God will turn to him another heart: and all these signs will come in that day. 10 And they will come there to Gibeab, and behold, a band of prophets to meet him; and the spirit of God will fall suddenly upon him and he will prophesy in the midst of them.
11 And it will be all will know him from yesterday the third day, and will see him and behold, he prophesied with the prophets, and the people will say, a man to his neighbor, What was this to the son of Kish? Is Saul also among the prophets?
12 And a man will answer from thence and will say, And who their father? For this it was for a parable, Is Saul also among the prophets? 13 And he will finish prophesying and will come to Bamah.
14 And Saul's friend will say to him and to his boy, Whither went ye? And he will say, To seek the asses; and we shall see that nothing, and we shall go to Samuel.
15 And Saul's friend will say, Announce now, to me, what Samuel said to you.
16 And Saul will say to his friend, Announcing, he announced to us that they found the asses; and the word of the kingdom he announced not to him, which Samuel said to him.
17 And Samuel will convoke the people together to Jehovah at Mizpeh; 18 And he will say to the sons of Israel, Thus spake Jehovah the God of Israel, I brought up Israel out of Egypt, and I will deliver you out of the hand of Egypt, and out of the hand of all kingdoms pressing you. 19 And ye this day rejected your God who himself saves you from all your evils and your straits; and ye will say to him, That thou shalt put a king over us. And now stand ye before Jehovah by your tribes and by your thousands.
20 And Samuel will cause all the tribes of Israel to come near, and the tribe of Benjamin will be taken. 21 And he will cause the tribe of Benjamin to come near by his families, and the family of Matri will be taken, and Saul son of Kish will be taken: and they will seek and he was not found. 22 And they will ask yet of Jehovah, Will the man yet come hither? And Jehovah will say, Behold, he hid himself among the vessels.
23 And they will run and and take him from thence, and he will stand in the midst of the people; and he will be high above all the people,. from his shoulders and above. 24 And Samuel will say to all the people, See whom Jehovah chose to him, for none like him among all the people. And all the people will shout and say, The king shall live.
25 And Samuel will speak to the people the judgment of the kingdom; and he will write in a book and put before Jehovah. And Samuel will send away all the people, a man to his house.
26 And also Saul went to his house at Gibeah; and there will go with him the army whom God touched their heart 27 And the sons of Belial said, What shall this save us? And they will despise him and will not bring him a gift; and he will be as keeping silence.