Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And Samuel said, When thou wast little in thine own sight, wast thou not made the head of the tribes of Israel, and the LORD anointed thee king over Israel?

Bible References

When thou

1 Samuel 9:21
And Saul will answer and say, Am not I a son of the Jaminite, from the littleness of the tribes of Israel, and my family small more than all the families of the tribes of Benjamin and wherefore spakest thou to me according to this word?
1 Samuel 10:22
And they will ask yet of Jehovah, Will the man yet come hither? And Jehovah will say, Behold, he hid himself among the vessels.
Judges 6:15
And he will say to him, With leave, my Lord, by what shall I save Israel? behold, my thousand destitute in Manasseh, and I the least in my father's house.
Hosea 13:1
According to the word Ephraim being terrified be was lifted up in Israel; and he will transgress in Baal and die.
Matthew 18:4
Whoever, therefore, should be humbled as this young child, the same is the greater in the kingdom of the heavens.

The lord

1 Samuel 15:1
And Samuel will say to Israel, Jehovah sent me to anoint thee for king over his people, over Israel: and now hear to the voice of the words of Jehovah.
1 Samuel 10:1
And Samuel will take a flask of oil and pour upon his head, and he will kiss him and say, Is it not that Jehovah anointed thee for leader over his inheritance?