Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And Saul sought to smite David even to the wall with the javelin; but he slipped away out of Saul's presence, and he smote the javelin into the wall: and David fled, and escaped that night.

General references

Bible References


1 Samuel 19:6
And Saul hearkened unto the voice of Jonathan, - and Saul sware, By the life of Yahweh, he shall not be put to death!
Hosea 6:4
What can I do unto thee, O Ephraim? What can I do unto thee, O Judah? for, your lovingkindness, is like a morning cloud, yea, like the dew, early departing!
Matthew 12:43
But, when the impure spirit goeth out of the man, it passeth through waterless places, seeking rest, - and findeth it not.
Luke 11:24
Whensoever, the impure spirit, goeth out from the man, it passeth through waterless places, seeking rest; and, not finding it, then,it saith, I will return unto my house, whence I came out; -
2 Peter 2:20
For, if, having escaped from the defilements of the world by a personal knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, but, by the same having again become entangled, they are defeated, the, last, state hath become, for them, worse than, the first;

He slipped

1 Samuel 20:33
And Saul hurled his spear at him, to smite him. So Jonathan knew that it was, determined, of his father, to put David to death.
Job 5:14
By day, they encounter darkness, and, as though it were night, they grope at high noon.
Psalm 18:17
He rescued me from my foe, in his might, and from them who hated me, because they were too strong for me:
Psalm 34:19
Many are the misfortunes of the righteous, But, out of them all, doth Yahweh rescue him.
Proverbs 21:30
There is no wisdom, nor understanding, nor counsel, to confront Yahweh.
Isaiah 54:17
No instrument formed against thee, shall prosper, And every tongue that riseth against thee in judgment, shalt thou prove to be lawless, - This is the inheritance of the servants of Yahweh. And, their righteousness, is from me, Declareth Yahweh.
Luke 4:30
But, he, passing through the midst of them, went his way.
John 10:39
They were thereforeagain seeking to take him; and he went forth out of their hand.

And escaped

Psalm 124:7
Our soul, as a bird, hath escaped from the snare of the fowlers, The snare, is broken, and, we, are escaped:
Matthew 10:23
And, when they persecute you in this city, flee into another, - for, verily, I say unto you, in nowise shall ye finish the cities of Israel, till, he Son of Man, come.

General references

Jeremiah 34:11
howbeit they turned after that, and brought back the servants and the handmaids whom they had let go, free, and brought them into subjection as servants and as handmaids,