Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And did I choose him out of all the tribes of Israel to be my priest, to offer upon mine altar, to burn incense, to wear an ephod before me? and did I give unto the house of thy father all the offerings made by fire of the children of Israel?

Bible References

And did i

Exodus 28:1
Thou thyself, therefore bring near unto thee - Aaron thy brother and his sons with him out of the midst of the sons of Israel, that they may minister as priests unto me, - Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar sons of Aaron.
Exodus 29:4
And Aaron and his sons, shalt thou bring near, unto the opening of the tent of meeting, - and shalt bathe them in water.
Exodus 39:1
And of the blue and the purple, and the crimson, made they cloths of variegated stuff for ministering in the sanctuary, - and they made the holy garments which were for Aaron, - As Yahweh commanded Moses.
Leviticus 8:7
and put upon him the tunic and girded him with the band, and clothed him with the robe, and put upon him the ephod, and girded him with the curiously-woven band of the ephod, and bound it to him therewith;
Numbers 16:5
Then spake he unto Korah, and unto all his assembly, saying, In the morning, will Yahweh make known who are his, and who is the holy one and will cause him to come near unto himself, - yea him whom he shall choose, will he cause to come near unto himself.
Numbers 17:5
So shall it come to pass, that, the man whom I shall choose, his staff, shall bud, - so will I cause to cease from against me the murmurings of the sons of Israel, wherewith they, are murmuring against you.
Numbers 18:1
And Yahweh said unto Aaron, Thou and thy sons and the house of thy father with thee, shall bear the iniquity of the sanctuary, - and, thou, and thy sons with thee, shall bear the iniquity of your priesthood.
2 Samuel 12:7
Then said Nathan unto David: Thou, art the man! Thus, saith Yahweh, God of Israel - I, anointed thee to be king over Israel, and, I, delivered thee out of the hand of Saul;

Did i give

Leviticus 2:3
But, the remainder of the meal-offering, pertaineth unto Aaron and unto his sons, - most holy, from among the altar-flames of Yahweh.
Leviticus 6:16
And the remainder thereof, shall Aaron and his sons eat, - as unleavened cakes, shall it be eaten, in a holy place, within the court of the tent of meeting, shall they eat it.
Leviticus 7:7
As the sin-bearer, so the guilt-bearer, - one law, for them, - the priest who maketh a propitiatory-covering, therewith, - to him, shall it belong,
Leviticus 10:14
And the wave-breast, and the heave-shoulder, shall ye eat in clean place, thou, and thy sons and thy daughters with thee, - for as thine by statute and thy sons by statute, have they been given, from among the peace-offerings of the sons of Israel.
Numbers 5:9
And every heave-offering, of all the hallowed things of the sons of Israel which they bring near to the priest, unto him, shall it belong.
Numbers 18:8
And Yahweh spake unto Aaron, I, therefore, lo! I have given unto thee the charge of my heave-offerings, - as to all the hallowed things of the sons of Israel - unto thee, have I given them. as pertaining to the anointing, and unto thy sons. for a statute age-abiding,
Deuteronomy 18:1
Neither the priests the Levites nor any of the tribe of Levi, shall have either portion or inheritance with Israel, - the altar-flames of Yahweh and his inheritance, shall they eat.