Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

Will keep

Job 5:24
And thou shalt know that, at peace, is thy tent, and shalt visit thy fold, and miss nothing;
Psalm 37:23
From Yahweh, are the steps of a man made firm, When, with his way, he is well pleased:
Psalm 91:11
For, his messengers, will he charge concealing thee, To keep thee, in all thy ways;
Psalm 94:18
If I say, My foot, hath slipped, Thy lovingkindness, O Yahweh, supporteth me.
Psalm 121:3
May he not suffer thy foot, to slip, May thy keeper, not slumber!
Proverbs 16:9
A man's heart, deviseth his way, but, Yahweh, directeth his steps.
1 Peter 1:5
who, in God's power, are being guarded through faith unto salvation - ready to be revealed in the last ripe time:

His saints

Deuteronomy 33:3
Yea he loved the tribes, All his holy ones, were in thy hand, - Yea, they, were encamped at thy feet, Each one bare away some of thy words.
Psalm 37:28
For, Yahweh, loveth justice, and will not forsake his men of lovingkindness, Unto times age-abiding, have the perverse been destroyed, - and the seed of the lawless, been cut off.
Psalm 97:10
Ye lovers of Yahweh! be haters of wrong, - He preserveth the lives of his men of lovingkindness, From the hand of the lawless, will he rescue them.
Proverbs 2:8
To him that observeth the paths of justice, yea, the way of his men of lovingkindness, he doth guard.
Jude 1:1
Jude, Jesus Christ's servant, and brother of James, unto, the called, by God the Father, beloved, and, by Jesus Christ preserved, -

Be silent

Job 5:16
Thus to the poor hath come hope, and, perversity, hath shut her mouth.
Ecclesiastes 5:17
Even all his days, are spent in darkness and mourning, - and he is very morose, and is sad and angry.
Jeremiah 8:14
Why are, well sitting still? Gather yourselves together and let us enter the defenced cities And let us be silent there, - For, Yahweh our God, hath put us to silence And made us drink poisoned water, Because we have sinned against Yahweh.
Zephaniah 1:15
A day of indignation, - that day! day of danger and distress, day of rush, and of crash, day of obscurity, and deep gloom, day of cloud, and thick darkness;
Matthew 8:12
Whereas, the sons of the kingdom, shall be cast forth into the darkness outside, - There, will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Matthew 22:12
And saith unto him - Friend! how camest thou in here, not having a wedding-garment? And, he, was put to silence.
Romans 3:19
Now we know that, whatsoever things the law saith, to them who are within the law, it speaketh, in order that, every mouth, may be stopped and all the world come, under penal sentence, unto God.
2 Peter 2:17
These, are fountains without water, and mists, by a tempest, driven along, - for whom, the gloom of darkness, hath been reserved;
Jude 1:13
Wild waves of sea, foaming out their own infamies, wandering stars, for whom the gloom of darkness age-abiding hath been reserved.

By strength

1 Samuel 17:49
And David thrust his hand into his pouch, and took from thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the Philistine, in his forehead, - that the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell upon his face, to the earth.
Psalm 33:16
Not a king, can be saved by greatness of force, nor, hero, deliver himself by greatness of strength:
Ecclesiastes 9:11
I again saw under the sun, that not, to the swift, was the race, nor, to the strong, the battle, nay! nor, to the wise, food, nor yet, to the intelligent, riches, nor, even to the well-informed, comeliness, - for, time and accident, happened to them all.
Jeremiah 9:23
Thus, saith Yahweh Let not, the wise man, glory in his wisdom, Neither let, the mighty man, glory, in his might, - Let not, the rich man, glory in his riches;
Zechariah 4:6
Then responded he, and spake unto me, saying, This, is the word of Yahweh, unto Zerubbabel, saying, - Not by wealth, nor by strength, but by my spirit, saith Yahweh of hosts.

General references

Proverbs 4:19
The way of the lawless, is like darkness, they know not, at what they stumble.