1 And David will say in his heart, Now shall I be added one day into the hand of Saul: nothing good to me but escaping, I will escape into the land of the rovers; and Saul despairing to seek me farther in all the bound of Israel: and I was saved out of his hand. 2 And David will rise and pass over, he and six hundred men that are with him, to Achish, son of Maoch, king of Gath. 3 And David dwelt with Achish in Gath, he and his men, each in his house, David and his two wives, Ahinoam the Jezreelitess, and Abigail the wife of Nabal, the Carmelitess. 4 And it was announced to Saul that David fled to Gath; and he will no more add to seek him.
5 And David will say to Achish, If now I found grace in thine eyes, will they give me a place in one city of the field, and I will dwell there: and why shall thy servant dwell in the city of the kingdom with thee? 6 And Achish will give to him in that day Ziklag; for this Ziklag was to the kings of Judah, even to this day. 7 And the number of days which David dwelt in the field of the rovers will be days and four months.
8 And David will go up, and his men, and will plunder against the Geshurites and the Gezrites, and the Amalekites: and behold, the inhabitants of the land which were of old thy going to Shur, and even to the land of Egypt. 9 And David struck the land, and will not save alive a man and woman; and he took the sheep and oxen, and asses and camels, and garments, and he will turn back and come to Achish. 10 And Achish will say, Did ye not plunder this day? and David will say, Upon the south of Judah, and upon the south of the Jerahmeelite, and to the south of the Kenite.
11 And David will not preserve alive a man and woman to bring to Gath, saying, Lest they shall announce against us, saying, Thus did David, and thus his judgment all the days which he dwelt in the field of the rovers. 12 And Achish will believe in David, saying, Becoming loathsome, he became loathsome with his people, with Israel; and he shall be to me for servant forever.