1 And in the seventh year Jehoiada strengthened himself, and he will take chiefs of hundreds to Azariah son of Jeroham, and to Ishmael son of Jehohanan, and to Azariah son of Obed, and with Maaseiah son of Adaiah, and with Elishaphat son of Zichri, with him in covenant. 2 And they will go about in Judah and gather the Levites from all the cities of Judah, and the heads of the fathers to Israel, and they will come to Jerusalem.
3 And all the convocation will cut out a covenant in the house of God with the king. And he will say to them, Behold, the king's son shall reign, as Jehovah spake concerning the sons of David. 4 This the word which ye shall do; the third of you coming in the Sabbath to the priests and to the Levites, to the gates of the thresholds; 5 And the third in the king's house; and the third in the gate of the foundation: and all the people in the enclosures of the house of Jehovah. 6 And they shall not come into the house of Jehovah except the priests and those serving to the Levites; they shall come in for they are holy: and all the people shall watch the watches of Jehovah. 7 And the Levites surrounded the king round about, a man and his utensil in his hand; and he coming to the house shall be put to death: and be ye with the king in his coming in, and in his going out
8 And the Levites and all Judah will do according to all that Jehoiada the priest commanded, and they will take each his men coming in on the Sabbath, with those coming out on the Sabbath: for Jehoiada the priest dismissed not the divisions. 9 And Jehoiada the priest will give to the chiefs of hundreds, spears and shields and bucklers, which were to king David, which were in the house of God. 10 And he will cause all the people to stand, and each his missile weapon in his hand, from the right shoulder of the house even to the left shoulder of the house, to the altar and to the house by the king round about
11 And they will bring forth the king's son, and they will give the diadem upon him, and the testimonies, and they will make him king. And Jehoiada and his sons will anoint him, and say, The king shall live.
12 And Athaliah will hear the voice of the people running and praising the king, and she will come to the people in the house of Jehovah. 13 And she will see, and behold, the king standing upon his standing in the coming in, and the chiefs and the trumpets by the king: and all the people of the land rejoicing, and they clanged upon the trumpets; and those singing with instruments of the song, and those knowing to praise. And Athaliah will rend her garments and say, A conspiracy! a conspiracy!
14 And Jehoiada the priest will bring forth the chiefs of hundreds reviewing the army, and he will say to them, Bring her forth from the house of the ranks: and he coming after her shall be slain with the sword: for the priest said, Ye shall not slay her in the house of Jehovah. 15 And they will put hands upon her, and she will come to the entrance of the gate of horses of the king's house; and they will slay her there.
16 And Jehoiada will cutout a covenant between him, and between all the people, and between the king, to be for a people to Jehovah. 17 And all the people will come to the house of Baal, and they will pull it down, and they broke his altars and his images, and they killed Mattan the priest of Baal before the altars.
18 And Jeboiada will set the oversight of the house of Jehovah in the hand of the priests the Levites, whom David distributed over the house of Jehovah, to bring up the burnt-offerings of Jehovah, as was written in the law of Moses, with rejoicing and with song, by the hands of David. 19 And he will cause the gate-keepers to stand at the gates of the house of Jehovah, and the unclean shall not come in to all the word. 20 And he will take the chiefs of hundreds, and the powerful, and those ruling over the people, and all the people of the land, and he will bring down the king from the house of Jehovah: and they will come in the midst of the highest gate of the king's house: and they will set the king upon the throne of the kingdom. 21 And all the people of the land will rejoice: and the city rested; and they killed Athaliah with the sword.