Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But did that which was evil in the sight of the LORD, like unto the abominations of the heathen, whom the LORD had cast out before the children of Israel.

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2 Chronicles 28:3
And he burnt incense in the valley of the son of Hinnom, and he will burn his sons in fire according to the abomination of the nations which Jehovah dispossessed from before the sons of Israel.
2 Chronicles 36:14
Also all the chiefs of the priests and the people multiplied to Transgress transgression according to all the abominations of the nations; and they will defile the house of Jehovah which he consecrated in Jerusalem.
Leviticus 18:24
Ye shall not be defiled in any of these, for in all these the nations were defiled which I send out from your face.
Leviticus 20:22
And ye watched all my laws, and all my judgments, and did them: and the land shall not vomit you forth, which I brought you there to dwell in it
Deuteronomy 12:31
Thou shalt not do so to Jehovah thy God; for every abomination of Jehovah which he hated they did to their gods; for also their sons and their daughters they will burn in fire to their gods.
Deuteronomy 18:9
When thou comest to the land which Jehovah thy God gave to thee,. thou shalt not learn to do according to the abominations of those nations.
2 Kings 17:11
And they will burn incense there in all the heights as the nations which Jehovah carried into exile from their face; and they will do evil words to irritate Jehovah:
2 Kings 21:2
And he will do evil in the eyes of Jehovah, according to the abominations of the nations which Jehovah dispossessed from the face of the sons of Israel.
Ezra 9:14
Shall we turn back to break thy commands and to contract marriage with the people of these abonminations? Wilt thou not be angry with us even to finishing, for not a remaining and escaping.
Psalm 106:35
And they will mingle with the nations, and they will learn their works.
Ezekiel 11:12
And ye shall know That I am Jehovah: for in my laws ye went not, and my judgments ye did not; and according to the judgments of the nations round about you ye did.

General references

Matthew 7:8
For everyone asking, receives and he seeking, finds; and to him knocking shall be opened.