Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And his princes gave willingly unto the people, to the priests, and to the Levites: Hilkiah and Zechariah and Jehiel, rulers of the house of God, gave unto the priests for the passover offerings two thousand and six hundred small cattle, and three hundred oxen.

Bible References

His princes

2 Chronicles 29:31
And Hezekiah will answer and say, Now ye filled your hand to Jehovah, draw near and bring sacrifices and praises to the house of Jehovah. And the convocation will bring sacrifices and praises; and all of a willing heart, burnt-offerings.
1 Chronicles 29:6
And the chiefs of the fathers will show themselves willing, and the chiefs of the tribes of Israel, and the chiefs of thousands and of hundreds, and for the chiefs of the king's work,
Ezra 1:6
And all those round about them strengthened upon their hands with vessels of silver, with gold, with substance, and with cattle, and most precious things, besides all being willingly given.
Ezra 2:68
And from the heads of the fathers in their coming to the house of Jehovah which is in Jerusalem, gave willingly to the house of God to cause it to stand upon its foundation:
Ezra 7:16
And all the silver and gold that thou shalt find in all the province of Babel, with the voluntary gifts of the people and the priests giving willingly to the house of their God that is in Jerusalem:
Ezra 8:25
And I shall weigh to them the silver and the gold, and the vessels of the oblation of the house of God, that the king and his counselors. and his chiefs and all Israel being found had lifted up
Nehemiah 7:70
And from the sum of heads of the fathers they gave for the work. The Tirshatha gave to the treasure gold a thousand drachmas, fifty vases, thirty and five hundred priests' tunics.
Psalm 45:12
And the daughter of the rock with a gift; and the rich of the people shall supplicate thy face.
Acts 2:44
And all believing were in one and the same place, and had all things common:
Acts 4:34
For neither was any in want among them: for as many as were possessors of farms or houses, selling, brought the prices of things sold,


2 Corinthians 8:12
For if a forwardness lie before, according as any has, it is acceptable, not as he has not.
2 Corinthians 9:7
Each as he chooses in the heart; not of grief, or of necessity: for God loves a cheerful giver.


1 Chronicles 9:20
And Phinehas son of Eleazar was leader over them to their face; Jehovah with him.
1 Chronicles 24:4
And the sons of Eleazar will be found many for heads, mighty ones above the sons of Ithamar; and they will be divided: to the sons of Eleazar, heads to the house of the fathers, sixteen; and to the sons of Ithamar, to the house of their fathers, eight
Jeremiah 29:25
Thus said Jehovah of armies, God of Israel, saying, Because thou didst send writings as thy name to all the people which are in Jerusalem, and to Zephaniah son of Maaseiah the priest, and to the priests, saying,
Acts 4:1
And they speaking to the people, the priests, and commander of the temple, and the Sadducees, resisted them,
Acts 5:26
Then the commander having gone with attendants, brought them, not with force: for they feared the people, lest they might be stoned.