Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Moreover he made an altar of brass, twenty cubits the length thereof, and twenty cubits the breadth thereof, and ten cubits the height thereof.

Bible References

An altar

2 Chronicles 1:5
And the altar of brass which Bezaleel, son of Uri, son of Hur, made, he set before the dwelling of Jehovah: and Solomon and the convocation will seek it
Exodus 27:1
And make the altar acacia wood, five cubits the length, and five cubits the breadth; and the altar shall be quadrated: and three cubits its height
1 Kings 8:22
And Solomon will stand at the face of the altar of Jehovah before all the convocation of Israel, and he will spread forth his hands to the heavens:
1 Kings 9:25
And Solomon brought up three times in a year burnt-offerings and peace upon the altar which he built to Jehovah, and he burnt incense upon it that was before Jehovah: and he completed the house.
2 Kings 16:14
And the altar of brass which was before Jehovah, and he will bring from the face of the house from between the altar and from between the house of Jehovah, and he will give it upon the thigh of the altar to the north.
Ezekiel 43:13
And these the measures of the altar by cubits: a cubit, a cubit and a hand-breadth; and the bosom, a cubit and a cubit the breadth; and its bound to its lip round about, one span: and this the back of the altar.