1 Moreover, I, Paul, myself, exhort you, through the meekness and considerateness of the Christ, - I who, to look upon, indeed, am lowly toward you, but, absent, am bold towards you; - 2 I entreat, however, that, when present, I may not be bold with the assurance wherewith I think to be daring against some who account of us as though, according to flesh, we were walking, - 3 For, though, in flesh, we walk, not, according to flesh, do we war, - 4 For, the weapons of our warfare, are not fleshly, but mighty, by God, unto a pulling down of strongholds, - 5 When we pull down, calculations, and every height that uplifteth itself against the knowledge of God, and when we bring into captivity every thought unto the obedience of the Christ, 6 And when we hold ourselves, in readiness, to avenge all disobedience, as soon as your obedience shall be fulfilled!
7 The things that lie on the surface, ye are looking at: - if anyone hath come to trust in himself that he is, Christ's, this, let him reckon, again, with himself - that, even as, he, is Christ's, so, also are, we. 8 Yea, if, somewhat more abundantly, I should boast concerning our authority - which the Lord hath given for building up and not for pulling you down, I shall not be put to shame, - 9 That I may not seem as though I would be terrifying you through means of my letters; 10 Because, The letters, it is true (saith one), are weighty and strong, but, the presence of the body, is weak, and, the discourse, contemptible; - 11 This, let such a one reckon - that, what we are, in our word, through means of letters, being absent, such, also, being present, are we, in our deed.
12 For we dare not class or compare ourselves with some who do, themselves, commend; but, they, among themselves, measuring, themselves, and comparing themselves with themselves, are without discernment! 13 We, however, not as to the things without measure, will boast ourselves, but, according to the measure of the limit which God apportioned unto us, as a measure - to reach as far as even you! 14 For, not as though we were not reaching unto you, are we over-stretching ourselves, for, as far as even you, were we beforehand in the glad-message of the Christ: 15 Not, as to the things without measure, boasting ourselves in other men's toils, but having, hope - your faith, growing - among you, to be enlarged, according to our limit for something beyond, - 16 Unto the regions beyond you, to carry the glad-message: not, within another man's limit, as to the things made ready, to boast ourselves. 17 He that boasteth, however, in the Lord, let him boast; 18 For, not he that commendeth himself, he, is approved, but he whom, the Lord, doth commend.