Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Acts 4:21
They, however, further charging them with threats, let them go, finding nothing as to how they might chastise them, on account of the people; because, all, were glorifying God for that which had come to pass; -
Acts 5:13
Howbeit, of the rest, no one, durst join himself unto them, - nevertheless the people continued to magnify them;
Acts 14:11
And, the multitudes, seeing what Paul had done, lifted up their voice, in the speech of Lycaonia - The gods, made like unto men, have come down unto us!
Acts 16:20
and, leading them forward unto the magistrates, said - These men, are exceedingly troubling our city, they, being Jews,
Acts 28:4
And, when the natives saw the brute hanging out from his hand, they began to say, one to another - Doubtless, this man is, a murderer, whom, though brought safely through out of the sea, Justice, hath not suffered, to live.
1 Corinthians 4:10
We, are foolish for Christ's sake, but, ye, prudent in Christ; we are weak, but, ye, mighty; ye, all-glorious, but, we, dishonoured.


Matthew 5:11
Happy, are ye, whensoever they may reproach you and persecute you, and say every evil thing against you, falsely, for my sake:
Matthew 10:25
Sufficient for the disciple, that he become, as his teacher, and, the servant, as, his lord. If, the master of the house, Beelzebul, they called, how much more, the men of his house!
Acts 6:3
But look out for yourselves, brethren, seven men from among you, who can be well-attested, full of Spirit and wisdom, - whom we will appoint over this need;
Acts 10:22
And they said - Cornelius, a centurion, a man righteous and fearing God, well-attested by the whole nation of the Jews, hath been divinely instructed by a holy messenger to send for thee unto his house, and to hear words from thee.
Acts 22:12
And, one Ananias, a man devout according to the law, well-attested by all the Jews that dwelt there,
Acts 24:5
For, finding this man a pest, and moving sedition with all the Jews that are throughout the inhabited earth, a leader also of the sect of the Nazarenes, -
Acts 28:22
But we deem it well, that, from thee, we should hear what are thine opinions; for, indeed, concerning this sect, it is, known to us, that, everywhere, is it spoken against.
Romans 3:8
And why not, according as we are injuriously charged, and according as some affirm that we say, Let us do the bad things, that the good ones may come? whose sentence is, just.
1 Timothy 3:7
It is needful, moreover, to have, an honourable testimony also, from them who are without, lest, into reproach, he fall, and the snare of the adversary.
1 Timothy 4:10
For, to this end, are we toiling and contending, because we have set our hope on a Living God, Who is Saviour of all men - specially, of such as believe.
Hebrews 13:13
Now, therefore, let us be going forth unto him, outside the camp, his reproach bearing.
1 Peter 4:14
If ye are being reproached in the name of Christ, happy are ye ! Because, the Spirit, of the glory, and the Spirit of God, unto you is bringing rest.
Revelation 3:9
Lo! I give them of the synagogue of Satan, who are affirming themselves to be, Jews, and are not, - but say what is false, - lo! I will cause them, that they shall have come, and shall bow down before thy feet, and shall get to know that, I, loved thee.


Matthew 27:63
saying - Sir! we have been put in mind that, that deceiver, said, while yet living, - After three days, will I, arise.
John 7:12
and there was great, murmuring, about him among the multitudes: some, indeed, were saying - Good, is he! but, others, were saying - Not so! but he is leading the multitude astray.


Matthew 22:16
And they sent forth to him their disciples, with the Herodians, saying, Teacher! we know that, true, thou art, and, the way of God, in truth, dost teach, and it concerneth thee not about anyone, - for thou lookest not unto the face of men:
Mark 12:14
And, coming, they say unto him - Teacher! we know that, true, thou art, and it concerneth thee not about anyone, - for thou lookest not unto the face of men; but, in truth, the way of God, dost teach: - Is it allowable to give tax unto Caesar, or not? Should we give, or should we not give?
John 7:18
He that, from himself, doth speak, his own glory, is seeking: he that seeketh the glory of him that sent him, the same, is, true, and, injustice, in him, is there none.