Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


I rejoiced greatly that I found of thy children walking in truth, as we have received a commandment from the Father.

Bible References


Philippians 4:10
I was very glad, as a Christian, to have your interest in me revive again after so long; for you have always been interested, but you have had no opportunity to show it.
1 Thessalonians 2:19
For what hope or happiness shall we have or what prize to be proud of in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes, except you?
1 Thessalonians 3:6
But now that Timothy has just come back to me from you, and brought me good news of your faith and love, and told me how kindly you think of me and that you long to see me just as much as I long to see you,
3 John 1:3
For it makes me exceedingly happy to have some brothers come and testify to the truth of your life, for you are guided by truth.


Galatians 2:14
But when I saw that they were not straightforward about the truth of the good news, I said to Cephas, right before them all, "If you live like a heathen, and not like a Jew, though you are a Jew yourself, why should you try to make the heathen live like Jews?"
Ephesians 5:2
and lead loving lives, just as Christ loved you and gave himself for you, as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.
1 John 1:6
If we say, "We have fellowship with him," and yet live in darkness, we are lying and not living the truth.
1 John 2:6
whoever says, "I am always in union with him" must live just as he lived.