Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Again also he sent unto him another captain of fifty with his fifty. And he answered and said unto him, O man of God, thus hath the king said, Come down quickly.

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Numbers 16:41
And all the assembly of the sons of Israel murmured, on the morrow, against Moses and against, Aaron, saying, - Ye, have caused the death of the people of Yahweh.
1 Samuel 6:9
Then shall ye look - if, by the way of its own boundary, it goeth up to Beth-shemesh, he, it was who caused us this great affliction, - but, if not, then shall we know that it was not, his hand, that smote us, a chance, it was, that befell us.
Isaiah 26:11
O Yahweh though thy hand be lifted up, - yet do they not see, Would they might see - and turn pale at a peoples zeal, - Surely, the fire of thine enemies, must consume them!
Jeremiah 5:3
O Yahweh! thine own eyes, are they not directed to fidelity? Thou hast smitten them Yet have they not grieved, Thou hast consumed them - They have refused to receive correction, - They have made their faces bolder than a cliff, They have refused to return.
John 18:5
They answered him - Jesus, the Nazarene. He saith unto them - I, am he. Now Judas also, who was delivering him up, was standing with them.
Acts 4:16
Saying - What are we to do with these men? For, indeed, that a notable sign hath come to pass through their means, unto all who are dwelling in Jerusalem, is manifest, and we cannot deny it !

O man

1 Samuel 22:17
And the king said unto the runners that were stationed by him - Turn ye round and put to death the priests of Yahweh, because, their hand also, is with David, and because they knew that he was, in flight, and unveiled not mine ear. But the servants of the king were not willing to thrust forth their hand, to fall upon the priests of Yahweh.
Proverbs 29:12
When a ruler giveth heed to the word of falsehood, all his attendants, become lawless.
Isaiah 32:7
Yea, a knave, his weapons are wicked, - He, base schemes, hath devised To ruin the oppressed with speeches of falsehood Even when the needy pleadeth, for justice.
Matthew 2:16
Then Herod, seeing that he had been mocked by the wise men, was exceedingly enraged, - and sent and slew all the male children that were in Bethlehem, and in all its bounds, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had ascertained from the wise men.
Luke 22:63
And, the men who held him bound, kept mocking him, with blows;

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2 Corinthians 13:8
For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth;