Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And the covert for the sabbath that they had built in the house, and the king's entry without, turned he from the house of the LORD for the king of Assyria.

Bible References

The covert

2 Kings 11:5
And he will command them saying, This the word which ye shall do: The third of you coming in the Sabbath and watching the: watches of the king's house;
1 Kings 10:5
And the food of his table, and the seats of his servants, and the standing of his attendants, and their vestments, and his cup-bearers, and his burnt-offerings which he will bring up to the house of Jehovah; and no more spirit was in her.
Ezekiel 46:2
And the prince went in the way of the porch of the gate from without, and he stood by the door-posts of the gate, and the priests did his burnt-offerings and his peace, and he worshiped upon the threshold of the gate, and he went forth: and the gate shall not be shut until the evening.