Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And the LORD rejected all the seed of Israel, and afflicted them, and delivered them into the hand of spoilers, until he had cast them out of his sight.

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2 Kings 17:15
And they will reject his laws and his covenant which he cut out with their fathers, and his testimonies which he testified in them; and they will go after vanity, and they will be vain, and after the nations which were round about them which Jehovah commanded them not to do as they.
1 Samuel 15:23
For the sin of divination, rebellion; and deceit, and the family gods of stubbornness. Because thou didst reject the word of Jehovah, and he will reject thee from being king.
1 Samuel 16:1
And Jehovah will say to Samuel, How long mournest thou for Saul, and I rejected him from being king over Israel? Fill thy horn with oil, and go; I will send thee to Jesse of the House of Bread, for I saw among his sons a king to me.
Jeremiah 6:30
They called to them, Rejected silver, because Jehovah rejected them.
Romans 11:1
I say then, Has God rejected his people It may not be. For I also am an Israelite, of Abraham's seed, of the tribe of Benjamin.

All the seed

1 Chronicles 16:13
O ye seed of Israel his servant, ye sons of Jacob his chosen ones.
Nehemiah 9:2
And the seed of Israel will be separated from all the sons of the stranger, and they will stand and confess over their sins, and the iniquities of their fathers.
Isaiah 45:25
In Jehovah shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory.
Jeremiah 31:36
If these laws shall depart from my face, says Jehovah, also the seed of Israel shall cease from being a nation before me all the days.
Jeremiah 33:24
Sawest thou not what this people spake, saying, The two families which Jehovah chose in them, and he will reject them? and they will despise my people from being yet a nation before them.
Jeremiah 46:28
Thou shalt not fear, O my servant Jacob, says Jehovah: for I am with thee; for I will make a completion among all nations where I thrust thee away there: and I will not make a completion with thee, and I will correct thee for judgment; and acquitting, I will not let thee go unpunished.


2 Kings 13:3
And the anger of Jehovah will kindle against Israel, and he will give them into the hand of Hazael king of Aram, and into the hand of Ben-hadad son of Hazael, all the days.
2 Kings 15:18
And he will do evil in the eyes of Jehovah: he turned not away from the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, who caused Israel to sin, all his days.
2 Kings 18:9
And it will be in the fourth year to king Hezekiah, this the seventh year to Hoshea son of Elah, king of Isreel, Shalmaneser, king of Assur, came up against Shomeron and pressed, upon it.
2 Chronicles 28:5
And Jehovah his God will give him into the hand of the king of Aram; and they will strike upon him, and they will make captives from them a great captivity, and bring to Darmesek. And also he was given into the hand of the king of Israel, and he will strike upon him a great blow.
Nehemiah 9:27
And thou wilt give them into the hand of their adversaries, and they will press upon them: and in the time of their straits they will cry to thee, and thou wilt hear from the heavens; and according to thy many compassion thou wilt give to them saviours, and they will save them from the hand of their adversaries.

Until he had cast

2 Kings 17:18
And Jehovah will be greatly angry against Israel, and he will remove them from his face: not to leave only the tribe of Judah alone.
Deuteronomy 11:12
A land which Jehovah thy God sought for it: continually are the eyes of Jehovah thy God upon it from the beginning of the year, and even to the last of the year.
Jonah 1:3
And Jonah will rise up to flee to Tarshish from the face of Jehovah, and he will go down to Joppa; and he will find a ship going to Tarshish, and be will give his hire, and he will go down in it to go with them to Tarshish from the face of Jehovah.
Matthew 25:41
Then shall he say to them from the left, Go away from me, the cursed, into eternal fire, prepared for the devil and his messengers:
2 Thessalonians 1:9
Who shall undergo punishment, eternal ruin from the face of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;

General references

Deuteronomy 28:43
The stranger which is in the midst of thee shall go up above thee, going up, going up; and thou shalt go down beneath, beneath.