2 Samuel 13:38

But, Absolom, had fled, and had taken his journey to Geshur, - and it came to pass that he was there three years.

2 Samuel 14:23

And Joab arose, and went to Geshur, - and brought Absolom to Jerusalem.

2 Samuel 14:32

And Absolom said unto Joab - Lo! I sent unto thee, saying - Come hither, that I may send thee unto the king, saying - Wherefore, am I come from Geshur? I, might as well have yet been there. Now, therefore, let me see the face of the king, and, if there is in me iniquity, then let him put me to death.

2 Samuel 15:8

for thy servant vowed, a vow, while I abode in Geshur in Syria, saying, - If Yahweh, will but bring me back, unto Jerusalem, then will I serve Yahweh,

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