Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And one told David, saying, Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom. And David said, O LORD, I pray thee, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness.

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2 Samuel 15:12
And Absalom will send for Ahithophel the Gilonite, David's counsellor, from his city, from Giloh, in his sacrificing sacrifices. And the conspiracy will be strong; and the people went and a multitude with Absalom.
Psalm 3:1
Chanting of David in his fleeing from the face of Absalom his son. Jehovah, how they pressing upon me were multiplied! many rising up against me.
Psalm 41:9
Also the man of my peace whom I trusted in him, eating my bread, magnified the heel against me.
Psalm 55:12
For not the enemy will reproach me, and I will bear: not he hating me magnified against me; and I will hide from him.
Matthew 26:14
Then one of the twelve having gone forth, he being called Judas Iscariot, to the chief priests,
John 13:18
I say not of you all: I know whom I have chosen: but that the writing might be completed, He chewing bread with me lifted up his heel against me.

O lord

Psalm 55:15
Death shall lay waste upon them; they shall go down living to hades, for evils in their sojournings in the midst of them.
Psalm 109:3
And with words of hatred they surrounded me, and they will war with me gratuitously.

Turn the counsel

2 Samuel 16:23
And the counsel of Ahithophel which he counseled in those days, according as it will be asked in the word of God: thus all the counsel of Ahithophel also to David also to Absalom.
2 Samuel 17:14
And Absalom will say, and every man of Israel, The counsel of Hushai the Archite is good above the counsel of Ahithophel. And Jehovah commanded to frustrate the good counsel of Ahithophel so that Jehovah brought evil upon Absalom.
Job 5:12
Bringing to nought the purposes of the crafty, and their hand shall not do an undertaking.
Job 12:16
With him strength and purpose:to him the one led astray and him leading astray.
Isaiah 19:3
And the spirit of Egypt was emptied in its midst, and its counsel I will destroy: and they sought to the vanities and to the mutterers, and to the necromancers, and to the wizards.
Jeremiah 8:8
How shall ye say, We are wise, and the law of Jehovah with us? Behold, surely for falsehood he made the style of the scribes a lie.
1 Corinthians 1:20
Where the wise? where the scribe? where the seekers together of this life has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?
1 Corinthians 3:18
Let none completely deceive himself. If any think to be wise in this life, let him be foolish, that he may he wise.
James 3:15
This is wisdom coming not down from above, but earthly, natural, resembling an evil spirit.

General references

Job 12:17
Leading away counselors stripped off and he will make foolish the judges
Job 17:4
For thou didst hide their heart from understanding; for this thou wilt not exalt them.