Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Nevertheless a lad saw them, and told Absalom: but they went both of them away quickly, and came to a man's house in Bahurim, which had a well in his court; whither they went down.

Bible References


2 Samuel 3:16
And her husband went with her, going and weeping after her even to Bahurim. And Abner will say to him, Go, turn back And he will turn back.
2 Samuel 16:5
And king David went to Bahurim, and behold, from thence a man will come forth from the family of the house of Saul, and his name Shimei, son of Gera: he came forth, coming forth and cursing.
2 Samuel 19:16
And Shimei son of Gera, a Benjamite, who was from Bahurim, will hasten and come down with the man Judah to meet king David.