Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


I am this day fourscore years old: and can I discern between good and evil? can thy servant taste what I eat or what I drink? can I hear any more the voice of singing men and singing women? wherefore then should thy servant be yet a burden unto my lord the king?

Bible References

Can i discern

Job 6:30
Is there, in my tongue, perversity? Or can, my sense, not discern, engulfing ruin?
Job 12:11
Doth not, the ear, try, words? even as, the palate, tasteth for itself, food?
Hebrews 5:14
But, to such as are mature, pertaineth, the strong food, to them who, by reason of habit, have their organs of perception well trained for discriminating both good and evil.
1 Peter 2:3
If ye have tasted for yourselves that, gracious, is the Lord, -


Ecclesiastes 12:1
Yet remember thy Creator, in the days of thy vigour, - or ever come in, the days of discomfort, and the years arrive, in which thou shalt say - I have, in them, no pleasure;

I hear

Ezra 2:65
besides, their men-servants and their maid-servants who were these, seven thousand three hundred and thirty-seven, - and there pertained to them, singing men and singing women, two hundred:
Nehemiah 7:67
besides, their men-servants and maid-servants, were these, seven thousand, three hundred, and thirty-seven, - and, to them, pertained, singing-men and singing-women, two hundred, and forty-five:
Exodus 2:8
And Pharaoh's daughter said to her - Go. So the maid went, and called the mother of the child.
Exodus 12:4
But if the household be too small for a lamb, then shall he and his neighbour that is near unto his house take one, according to the number of souls, - each man according to his eating, shall ye number for the lamb.

A burden

2 Samuel 13:25
And the king said unto Absolom - Nay! my son, do not, I pray thee, let us all go, lest we be burdensome upon thee. And, though he urged him, he would not go, but blessed him.
2 Samuel 15:33
And David said unto him, - If thou pass over with me, then shalt thou become unto me, a burden;