Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But the sons of Belial shall be all of them as thorns thrust away, because they cannot be taken with hands:

Bible References

The sons

2 Samuel 20:1
Now, in that place, there happened to be an abandoned man, whose name, was Sheba son of Bichri, a man of Benjamin, - so he blew a horn, and said - We have no share in David, Nor inheritance have we in the son of Jesse, Every man to his home, O Israel!
Deuteronomy 13:13
There have gone forth men sons of the Abandoned One, out of thy midst, and have seduced the inhabitants of their city, saying, - Let us go, and serve other gods which ye have not known;
1 Samuel 2:12
Now, the sons of Eli, were abandoned men, - they knew not Yahweh.


Genesis 3:18
Thorn also and thistle, shall it shoot forth to thee, - when thou hast come to eat of the herb of the field:
Song of Songs 2:2
HEAs a lily among thorns, So, is my fair one, among the daughters!
Isaiah 33:12
So shall peoples, become, as the burnings of lime, - As thorns lopped off, with fire, shall they be burned.
Ezekiel 2:6
But thou son of man Be not afraid of them Nor of their words, be afraid Though thorns and thistles are about thee, And amongst prickly plants, thou dost dwell, Of their words, be not afraid nor At their faces, be thou dismayed, For a perverse house, they are!