Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


The Lord give mercy unto the house of Onesiphorus; for he oft refreshed me, and was not ashamed of my chain:

The house

And was

Bible References


2 Timothy 1:18
The Lord grant him to find mercy from the Lord in, that, day; - and, how many times, in Ephesus, he hath ministered, better art, thou, getting to know.
Nehemiah 5:19
Remember unto me, O my God, for good, - all that I have done for this people.
Nehemiah 13:14
Remember me, O my God, concerning this, - and do not wipe out my lovingkindnesses, which I have done for the house of my God, and for those keeping charge thereof.
Psalm 18:25
With the loving, thou didst show thyself loving, - With the blameless man, thou didst show thyself blameless;
Psalm 37:26
All day long, is he showing favour and lending, his seed, therefore, shall have a blessing.
Matthew 5:7
Happy, the merciful; for, they, shall receive mercy:
Matthew 10:41
He that giveth welcome unto a prophet, in the name of a prophet, the reward of a prophet, shall receive; and, he that giveth welcome unto a righteous man, in the name of a righteous man, the reward of a righteous man, shall receive; -
Matthew 25:35
For I hungered, and ye gave me to eat, I thirsted, and ye gave me drink, a stranger, was I, and ye took me home,
2 Corinthians 9:12
Because, the ministry of this public service, is not only towards filling up the deficiencies of the saints, but also superabounding, through the thanksgiving of many, unto God, -
Hebrews 6:10
For, not unrighteous, is God, to be forgetful of your work and of the love which ye have shewn forth for his name, in that ye have ministered unto the saints, and are ministering,
Hebrews 10:34
For, even with them who were in bonds, ye sympathised, and, unto the seizure of your goods, with joy, ye bade welcome, - knowing that ye have yourselves, for a better possession and an abiding.

The house

2 Timothy 4:19
Salute Prisca and Aquila and the house of Onesiphorus.


1 Corinthians 16:18
They have given rest, in fact, unto my spirit, and yours: hold in acknowledgment, therefore, such as these.
Philemon 1:7
For, much joy, have I had, and encouragement, by occasion of thy love, in that, the tender affections of the saints, have had rest given them by thee, brother.

And was

2 Timothy 1:8
Be not thou, therefore, put to shame - with regard to the witness of our Lord, nor with regard to me his prisoner; but suffer hardship together with the glad-message according to the power of God, -