Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


A devout man, and one that feared God with all his house, which gave much alms to the people, and prayed to God alway.

General references

Bible References


Acts 10:35
but welcomes the man of any nation who reveres him and does what is right.
Acts 9:31
So the church all over Judea, Galilee, and Samaria was at peace and became established. It lived in reverence for the Lord and, stimulated by the holy Spirit, it grew steadily in numbers.
Acts 13:16
Then Paul got up, and motioning with his hand, said, "Men of Israel, and you who reverence God, listen!
Revelation 15:4
Who will not fear and give glory to your name, Lord? For you alone are holy. All the heathen will come and worship before you, for the justice of your sentences has now been shown."


Acts 10:7
When the angel who had spoken to him was gone, Cornelius called two of his servants, and a devout soldier who was one of his personal attendants,
Acts 16:15
When she and her household were baptized, she appealed to us, and said, "If you are really convinced that I am a believer in the Lord, come and stay at my house." And she insisted upon our coming.
Acts 18:8
But Crispus, the leader of the synagogue, believed in the Lord, and so did all his household, and many of the people of Corinth heard Paul and believed and were baptized.


Acts 10:4
He stared at him in terror, and said, "What is it, sir?" "Your prayers and charities," the angel answered, "have gone up and been remembered before God.
Acts 9:36
Among the disciples at Joppa there was a woman named Tabitha, which is in Greek Dorcas, that is, gazelle. She had devoted herself to doing good and to acts of charity.
Luke 7:4
And they went to Jesus and urged him strongly to do it, and said, "He deserves to have you do this for him,
Romans 15:26
For Macedonia and Greece have determined to make a contribution for the poor among God's people in Jerusalem.
2 Corinthians 9:8
God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance so that you will always have enough for every situation, and ample means for every good enterprise:

And prayed

Acts 9:11
The Lord said to him, "Get up and go to the street called the Straight Street, and ask at the house of Judas for a man named Saul, from Tarsus, for he is there praying.
Matthew 7:7
Ask, and what you ask will be given you. Search, and you will find what you search for. Knock, and the door will open to you.
Luke 18:1
He gave them an illustration to show that they must always pray and not give up,
Colossians 4:2
Be persistent in prayer and wide awake about it when you give thanks.
1 Thessalonians 5:17
Never give up praying.
James 1:5
If any one of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask God who gives generously to everyone, and does not reproach one with it afterward, and he will give it to him.

General references

John 7:17
Anyone who resolves to do his will will know whether my teaching comes from God, or originates with me.
Romans 2:26
So if people who are uncircumcised observe the requirements of the Law, will they not be treated as though they were circumcised?