Acts 19:4

Then said Paul - John, immersed with an immersion of repentance, unto the people, saying, that, on him who was coming after him, they should believe, - that is, on Jesus.

John 1:7

The same, came, for a witness, That he might bear witness, concerning the light, that, all, might believe, through him.

John 1:27

after me, coming: - Of whom, I, am not worthy that I should unloose the thong of the sandal.

Matthew 3:11-12

I, indeed, am immersing you, in water, unto repentance, - but, he who, after me, cometh is, mightier than I, whose, sandals, I am not worthy to bear, he, will immerse you, in Holy Spirit and fire:

Matthew 11:3-5

said unto him, Art, thou, the coming one? or, a different one, are we to expect?

Matthew 21:25-32

The immersion by John, whence was it? Of heaven, or of men? But, they, began to deliberate among themselves, saying - If we say, Of heaven; He will say unto us, Wherefore then did ye not believe him?

Mark 1:1-12

Beginning of the glad-message of Jesus Christ.

Luke 1:76-79

And, even thou, child, prophet of the Most High, shalt be called, - for thou shall march on before the Lord, to prepare his ways,

Luke 3:16-18

John answered, saying unto all - I, indeed, in water, am immersing you, but he that is mightier than I, cometh, the thong of whose sandals I am not worthy to unloose, - he, will immerse you m Holy Spirit and fire:

John 1:15

(John beareth witness concerning him, and hath cried aloud, saying - the same, was he that said - He who, after me, was coming, before me, hath advanced; because, my Chief, was he.)

John 1:29-34

On the morrow, he beholdeth Jesus, coming unto him, and saith - See! the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world.

John 3:28-36

Ye yourselves, unto me, bear witness, that, I, said - I, am not the Christ; but - I am sent before, That One.

John 5:33-35

Ye, have sent forth unto John, - and he hath borne witness to the truth: -

Acts 1:5

Because, John, indeed, immersed with water; but, ye, in Holy Spirit shall be immersed, - after not many of these days.

Acts 11:16

And I was put in mind of the word of the Lord, how he used to say - John, indeed, immersed with water; but, ye, shall be immersed in Holy Spirit.

Acts 13:23-25

From this man's seed, hath God, according to promise, brought unto Israel, a saviour - Jesus:

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Then said Paul, John verily baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying unto the people, that they should believe on him which should come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus.

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Acts 13:24
John, beforehand proclaiming, before the face of his coming in, an immersion of repentance, unto all the people of Israel.