Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And there accompanied him into Asia Sopater of Berea; and of the Thessalonians, Aristarchus and Secundus; and Gaius of Derbe, and Timotheus; and of Asia, Tychicus and Trophimus.


Bible References


Acts 17:10
And the brethren quickly sent out both Paul and Silas by night to Berea: who arriving went away to the synagogue of the Jews.


Acts 19:29
And the whole city was filled With confusion, and they rushed unanimously into the theatre, having taken away together Gains and Aristarchus, Macedonians, Paul's companions of the journey.
Acts 27:2
And having embarked in a ship of Adramyttium, being about to navigate places in Asia, we were conveyed; Aristarchus, a Macedonian of Thessalonica, being with us.
Colossians 4:10
Aristarchus my fellowcaptive greets you, and Marcus, sister's son to Barnabas, (for whom ye received commands: if he come to you, receive him;)
Philemon 1:24
Marcus, Aristarchus, Demas, Lucas, my co-workers.


Romans 16:23
Gains my guest, and of the whole church, embraces you. Erastus steward of the city embraces you, and Quartus the brother.
3 John 1:1
The elder to the dearly beloved Gains, whom I love in truth.


Acts 14:6
Being conscious, they fled to the cities of Lycaonia, Lystra and Derbe, and the country round about:
2 Corinthians 8:23
Whether for Titus, my companion and co-worker to you: or our brethren, the sent of the churches, the glory of Christ.


Ephesians 6:21
And that ye also might know the things concerning me, what I do, Tychicus will make all things known to you, the dearly beloved brother and faithful servant in the Lord:
Colossians 4:7
All things concerning me shall Tychicus make known to you, a dearly beloved brother, and a faithful servant and fellowservant in the Lord:
2 Timothy 4:12
And Tychicus I sent to Ephesus.
Titus 3:12
When I shall send Artemas to thee, or Tychicus, be earnest to come to me at Nicopolis: for there have I chosen to pass the winter.


Acts 21:29
(For they had seen before with him in the city Trophimus the Ephesian' whom they thought that Paul had brought into the temple.)
2 Timothy 4:20
Erastus remained in Corinth: and Trophimus I left in Miletum sick.