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But that it spread no further among the people, let us straitly threaten them, that they speak henceforth to no man in this name.

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That it

Acts 5:39
But, if it is, of God, ye will not be able to overthrow them: lest once, even fighters against God, ye be found.
Psalm 2:1
Wherefore have nations assembled in tumult? Or should, peoples, mutter an empty thing?
Daniel 2:34
Thou didst look, until that a stone tare itself away, not by the aid of hands, and smote the image upon its feet, which were of iron and clay, - and they were broken in pieces.
Romans 10:16
But, not all, have become obedient unto the glad tidings; - for, Isaiah, saith - Lord! who believed what we have heard?
Romans 15:18
For I wilt not dare to speak anything save of the things which Christ hath wrought out for himself through me for the obedience of nations, - -by word and deed,
1 Thessalonians 1:8
From you, in fact, hath sounded forth the word of the Lord - not only m Macedonia and in Achaia, but, in every place, your faith which is toward God, hath gone forth, so that, no need, have we to be saying anything;


Acts 4:21
They, however, further charging them with threats, let them go, finding nothing as to how they might chastise them, on account of the people; because, all, were glorifying God for that which had come to pass; -
Acts 5:24
Now, when both the captain of the temple and the High-priests heard these words, they were utterly at a loss concerning them - what perhaps this might come to.
2 Chronicles 25:15
Then was kindled the anger of Yahweh, against Amaziah, - and he sent unto him a prophet, and said unto him, Wherefore hast thou sought the gods of the people, which delivered not their own people out of thy hand?
Isaiah 30:8
Now, enter - Write it upon a tablet before them And upon a scroll, inscribe it, - That it may serve for a later day, For futurity, unto times age-abiding: -
Jeremiah 20:1
And when Pashhur son of Immer, the priest, who also was deputy-overseer in the house of Yahweh, heard that Jeremiah had prophesied these things,
Jeremiah 29:25
Thus, speaketh Yahweh of hosts, God of Israel, saying, - Because, thou, hast sent in, thine own name, letters, unto all the people who are in Jerusalem, and unto Zephaniah son, of Maaseiah the priest, and unto all the priests saying:
Jeremiah 38:4
Then said the princes unto the king, - Let this man we pray thee, be put to death, for in this way, is he weakening the hands of the men of war who are left in this, city, and the hands of all the people, by speaking unto them such words as these; for, this man, is not seeking prosperity for this people but misfortune.
Amos 2:12
And yet ye caused the Nazirites to drink wine, - and, on the prophet, laid ye command, saying, Ye shall not prophesy!
Amos 7:12
Then said Amaziah unto Amos, O seer, go flee thee away unto the land o Judah - and eat, there, bread, and, there, mayest thou prophesy;
Micah 2:6
Do not sputter - So they sputter! They must not sputter as to these things, Must he not put away reproaches?
Matthew 27:64
Command, therefore, that the sepulchre be made secure until the third day, - lest once the disciples should come and steal him, and say unto the people, He hath arisen from the dead! and, the last deception, shall be, worse than the first.
John 11:47
The High-priests and Pharisees, therefore, brought together a high-council, and were saying - What are we to do, in that, this man, doeth, many signs?
1 Thessalonians 2:15
Who have both slain the, Lord, Jesus - and the prophets, and, us, have persecuted, and, unto God, are displeasing, and, unto all men, are contrary, -

General references

Psalm 83:4
They have said - Come, and let us wipe them out from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.