Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And when forty years were expired, there appeared to him in the wilderness of mount Sina an angel of the Lord in a flame of fire in a bush.

General references

Bible References


Acts 7:17
Now, just as the time of the promise was drawing near wherewith God had agreed with Abraham, the people grew, and were multiplied in Egypt, -
Exodus 7:7
Now Moses, was eighty years old, and, Aaron, eighty-three years old, - when they spake unto Pharaoh.


Acts 7:32
I, am the God of thy fathers, The God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. And Moses becoming, terrified, durst not observe.
Genesis 16:7
And the messenger of Yahweh b found her by the fountain of water in the desert, - by the fountain in the way to Shur.
Genesis 22:15
Then called out the messenger of Yahweh unto Abraham, - a second time out of the heavens;
Genesis 32:24
And Jacob was left alone, - and there wrestled a man with him, until the uprisings of the dawn.
Genesis 48:15
Thus blessed he Joseph, and said, - God himself - before whom walked my fathers. Abraham and Isaac, God himself - who hath been my shepherd, since I came into being until this day; -
Exodus 3:2
Then appeared the messenger of Yahweh unto him, in a flame of fire from the midst of the thorn-bush, - so he looked and lo! the thorn-bush burning with fire and yet the thorn-bush, was not consumed.
Isaiah 63:9
In all their affliction, he, was afflicted And the messenger of his presence saved them, In his love and in his pity, he, redeemed them, - And then lifted them up and carried them all the days of the age-past time.
Hosea 12:3
In the womb, took he his brother by the heel; and, in his manly vigour, strove he with God:
Malachi 3:1
Behold me! sending my messenger, who will prepare a way before me, - and, suddenly, shall come to his temple The Lord whom ye are seeking, even the messenger of the covenant in whom ye are delighting, Lo! he cometh! saith Yahweh of hosts.

In a flame

Deuteronomy 4:20
whereas you, hath Yahweh taken, and brought you forth out of a smelting-pot of iron, out of Egypt, - that ye might become his own inherited people as at this day.
Psalm 66:12
Thou didst let men ride at our head; We went into fire and into water, But thou didst bring us forth into freedom.
Isaiah 43:2
When thou passest through the waters, with thee, I am, Or, through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee, - When thou walkest through fire, thou shall not be scorched, And, a flame, shall not kindle upon thee;
Daniel 3:27
And - being gathered together - the satraps, the nobles, and the pashas and near friends of the king, saw these men, over whose bodies the fire had, no power, nor was, a hair of their head, singed, neither were, their trousers, disfigured, - nor had, the smell of fire, come upon them.

In a bush

Acts 7:35
The same Moses whom they had refused, saying - Who hath appointed thee to be ruler and judge? the same, both as ruler and redeemer, did God send, by the hand of the messenger who had appeared unto him in the bush:
Deuteronomy 33:16
And with the precious things of the earth and its fulness, And with the goodwill of One who dwelt in a thorn-bush. - Let it come on the head of Joseph, And on the crown of the head of him who was consecrated among his brethren.
Mark 12:26
But, as touching the dead, that they, do rise, - Have ye not read in the book of Moses, at the Bush, how God spake unto him, saying - I am the God of Abraham, and God of Isaac, and God of Jacob: -
Luke 20:37
But, that the dead do rise, even Moses, disclosed at the bush, when he calleth the Lord - The God of Abraham and God of Isaac and God of Jacob:

General references

Exodus 7:7
Now Moses, was eighty years old, and, Aaron, eighty-three years old, - when they spake unto Pharaoh.