Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,

General references

Bible References

The most high

Deuteronomy 32:8
The Most High distributing the nations, In his dispersing the sons of Adam, He set the bounds of the peoples According to the number of the sons of Israel.
Psalm 7:17
I will confess to Jehovah according to his justice: and I will play on the harp to the name of Jehovah most high.
Psalm 46:4
A river, its streams will gladden the city of God, the holy place of the tents of the Most High.
Psalm 91:1
He dwelling in the covering of the Most High, in the shadow of the Almighty shall he lodge.
Psalm 92:8
And thou being high, O Jehovah, forever.
Daniel 4:17
The word by the decree of the watchers, and the saying of the holy ones is the question: for the reason that the living shall know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and to whom that he will, he will give it, and he will raise up over it the low of men.
Hosea 7:16
They will turn back not to the Highest: they were as a bow of deceit: their chiefs shall fall by the sword from the wrath of their tongue: this their derision in the land of Egypt


Acts 17:24
God having made the world and all things in it, he being Lord of heaven and earth, dwells not in temples made by hands;
1 Kings 8:27
For truly shall God dwell upon the earth? Behold the heavens and the heavens of the heavens shall not contain thee; much less this house which I built
2 Chronicles 2:5
And the house that I build is great: for great our God above all gods.
2 Chronicles 6:18
For indeed will God dwell with man upon the earth? Behold, the heavens and the heavens of the heavens will not contain thee; much less this house which I built


Isaiah 66:1
Thus said Jehovah, The heavens my throne, and the earth the footstool of my feet: where this house which ye will build to me? and where this place of my rest?

General references

1 Kings 6:14
And Solomon will build the house and finish it
Mark 14:58
That we heard him saying, That I will abolish this temple made with hands, and in three days will I build another, made without hands.