Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Therefore the LORD, the God of hosts, the Lord, saith thus; Wailing shall be in all streets; and they shall say in all the highways, Alas! alas! and they shall call the husbandman to mourning, and such as are skilful of lamentation to wailing.

The lord

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The lord

Amos 5:27
Therefore will I carry you into exile beyond Damascus, - saith Yahweh, God of hosts, is his name.
Amos 3:13
Hear ye and bear witness, throughout the house of Jacob, - Commandeth My Lord, Yahweh, God of hosts:


Amos 8:10
So will I turn your festivals into mourning, and all your songs into a dirge, and I will bring up - on all loins - sackcloth, and upon every head - baldness, - and I will make it like the mourning for an only one, even the afterpart thereof, as a day of bitterness.
Isaiah 15:2
He hath gone up to Bayith and Dibon, to the high places, to weep, - On Nebo and on Medeba, Moab is howling, On all their heads, a baldness, Every beard, clipped.
Isaiah 22:12
And, when My Lord Yahweh of hosts called in that day, - for weeping, and for lamentation, and for shaving bare and for girding with sackcloth,
Jeremiah 4:31
For a voice as of a woman in pangs, have I heard Anguish as of her that is bearing her firstborn. The voice of the daughter of Zion! She gaspeth for breath, She spreadeth forth her palms, - Surely woe to me! For my soul fainteth before murderers.
Jeremiah 9:10
Over the mountains, will I take up a weeping and wailing, And over the oases of the desert, a dirge, For they have been burned, so that no man passeth through, Neither have men heard the lowing of cattle, - Both the bird of the heavens and the beast have fled, have gone their way:
Joel 1:8
Wail thou, like a virgin girded with sackcloth, for the owner of her youth.
Micah 1:8
For this cause, will I lament and howl, I will go stript and bare, - I will make a lamentation, like the wild dogs, and a mourning, like ostriches.
Micah 2:4
In that day, shall one take up against you a by-word, and lament a lamentable lamentation, saying - we are made, utterly desolate, the portion of my people, he passeth to others, - How doth he set me aside! To an apostate, our fields, doth he apportion.
Revelation 18:10
afar off, standing, because of their fear of her torment, saying - Alas! alas! the great city! Babylon, the mighty city! That, in one hour, hath come thy judgment.


Jeremiah 9:17
Thus, saith Yahweh of hosts, Consider ye diligently and call for the wailing women that they may come, - And unto the wise women, send ye, that they may come;

General references

Ezekiel 27:2
Thou, therefore, son of man, Take up over Tyre a dirge;