1 There is evil which I saw under the sun, and it is much upon man: 2 A man which God will give to him wealth and riches and honor, and wanting not to his soul from all which he shall desire, and God will not permit him to eat from it, for a man, a stranger shall eat it. This is vanity and it is an evil disease. 3 If a man shall beget a hundred, and live many years, and a multitude shall be the days of his years, and his soul shall not be satisfied from good, and also there was no burial to him; I said, Good above him an abortion. 4 For in vanity he came, and in darkness he will go away, and his name shall be covered with darkness. 5 Also he saw not the sun, and he knew not rest to this above this. 6 And although he lived a thousand years twice, and he saw not good. Did not all go to one place?
7 All the labor of man for his mouth, and also the soul shall not be filled.
8 For what will remain to the wise one more than the foolish one? what to the poor that shall know to go before the living 9 Good the sight of the eyes above the going of the soul. Also this is vanity and striving of spirit
10 What was, its name was called already, and it was known that it is man: and he shall not be able to contend with the powerful above him. 11 For there is many words increasing vanity, what shall remain to man? 12 For who shall know what is for man in life, the number of the days of the life of his vanity, and he will make them as a shadow? for who shall announce to man what shall be after him under the sun?