Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time?

Bible References


Jeremiah 2:33
How wilt thou make good thy way to seek love? for this also thou didst teach the evil ones thy ways.
Ezekiel 8:17
And he said to me, Sawest, thou son of man? Was it light to the house of Judah doing the abominations which they did here? for they filled the land with violence, and they turned back to irritate me: and behold them sending the branch to their nose.
Ezekiel 16:20
And thou wilt take thy sons and thy daughters which thou didst bear to me, and thou wilt sacrifice them for these to eat From thy fornication is it small?
James 1:21
Wherefore having put away all sordid avarice, and excess of wickedness, in meekness receive the implanted word, able to save your souls.


Genesis 38:7
And Er, Judah's first-born, will be evil in the eyes of Jehovah: and Jehovah will kill him.
1 Samuel 25:38
And it will be about ten days, and Jehovah will strike Nabal, and he will die.
Job 15:32
Before his day it shall be completed, and his branch was not green.
Psalm 55:23
And thou, O God, wilt bring them down to the well of destruction: men of bloods and deceit shall not halve their days; and I will trust in thee.
Proverbs 10:27
The fear of Jehovah will add days, and the years of the unjust shall be diminished.
Acts 5:5
And Ananias hearing these words, having fallen down, he expired: and great fear was upon all them hearing these things.
Acts 12:23
And immediately the messenger of the Lord struck him, because he gave not the glory to God: and eaten by worms, he expired.