Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Ephesians 1:16
Cease not returning thanks for you, making remembrance of you in my prayers;
1 Kings 8:54
And it will be as Solomon finished praying to Jehovah all this supplication and prayer, he rose from the face of the altar of Jehovah, from bending upon his knees and his hands spread forth to the heavens.
1 Kings 19:18
And I left in Israel seven thousand, all the knees which bowed not to Baal, and every mouth which kissed him not
2 Chronicles 6:13
For Solomon made a platform of brass, and he will give it in the midst of the terrace.; five cubits its length, and five cubits its breadth, and three cubits its height: and he will stand upon it, and he will bend upon his knees before all the convocation of Israel, and he will spread forth his hands to the heavens,
Ezra 9:5
And at the sacrifice of the evening I rose up from my humbling; and in my rending my garment and my robe and I shall bend upon my knees and spread forth my hands to Jehovah my God.
Psalm 95:6
Come, we will worship and bow down before Jehovah: he made us.
Isaiah 45:23
By myself I sware the word, justice went forth out of my mouth, and shall not turn back, That to me every knee shall bend, every tongue shall swear.
Daniel 6:10
And Daniel as soon as he knew that the writing was signed, went up into his house; and the windows being opened to him in his upper chambers before Jerusalem, three times in the day he kneeled upon his knees, and praying and praising before his God, for the cause that he did from before this
Luke 22:41
And he was removed from them about a stone's cast, and having placed the knees, he prayed,
Acts 7:60
And having set the knees, he cried with a great voice, Lord, wouldest thou not set this sin to them. And having said this he was set to sleep.
Acts 9:40
And Peter having put them all without, having set the knees, prayed; and having turned back to the body he said, Tabitha, arise. And she opened her eyes: and having seen Peter, sat up.
Acts 20:36
And having said these, having placed his knees, he prayed with them all.
Acts 21:5
And it was when we accomplished the days, having come out we went; all sending us forward, with wives and children, even to without the city: and having placed the knees upon the seashore, we prayed.

The father

Ephesians 1:3
Praised be God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, he having praised us in every spiritual praise in heavenly things in Christ: