Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And the LORD said unto Moses, How long refuse ye to keep my commandments and my laws?

Bible References

General references

Exodus 10:3
And Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh, and said unto him - Thus, saith Yahweh, God of the Hebrews, How long hast thou refused to humble thyself before me? Let my people go that they may serve me.
Numbers 14:11
Then said Yahweh unto How long! must this people, despise me? And how long can they not believe in me. in view of all the signs which I have done in their midst?
Numbers 20:12
Then said Yahweh unto Moses and unto Aaron, Because ye believed not in me, to hallow me in the eyes of the sons of Israel, therefore, shall ye not bring in this convocation into the land which I have given unto them.
2 Kings 17:14
Howbeit they hearkened not, - but stiffened their neck, like the neck of their fathers, who trusted not in Yahweh their God;
Psalm 78:10
They kept not the covenant of God, And, in his law, refused to walk;
Psalm 81:13
If, my people, were hearkening unto me, If, Israel, in my ways, would walk,
Psalm 106:13
Soon forgat they his works, - They waited not for his counsel;
Isaiah 7:9
Even though the head of Ephraim is Samaria, And, the head of Samaria, is the son of Remaliah. If ye trust not, Surely, ye cannot be trusted!
Jeremiah 4:14
Wash from wickedness thy heart, O Jerusalem, That thou mayest be saved, - How long, shall lodge within thee thy wicked devices?
Jeremiah 9:6
Thy dwelling, is in the midst of deceit, - Through deceit, have they rejected the knowledge of, me, Declareth Yahweh.
Ezekiel 5:6
But she hath changed my regulations rote lawlessness, more than the nations, And my statutes more than the countries which are round bout her, For my regulations, have they rejected, And in my statutes, have they not walked. Therefore,
Ezekiel 20:13
But the house of Israel rebelled against reel in the desert In ray statutes, walked they not. And my regulations, they rejected By the which the man that doeth them shall live, my sabbaths also, they profaned exceedingly. Therefore spake I of pouring out mine indignation upon them in the desert, to make an end of them.
Mark 9:19
But, he, answering, saith - O faithless generation! how long, shall I be with you? how long, shall I bear with you? Bring him unto me!