Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And Moses said, This shall be, when the LORD shall give you in the evening flesh to eat, and in the morning bread to the full; for that the LORD heareth your murmurings which ye murmur against him: and what are we? your murmurings are not against us, but against the LORD.

General references

Bible References

The lord heareth

Exodus 16:9
And Moses will say to Aaron, Say to all the assembly of the sons of Israel, Come near before Jehovah: for he heard your murmurings.
Numbers 14:27
How long for this evil assembly, that they are murmuring against me? the murmurings of the sons of Israel which they are murmuring against me, I heard.
Matthew 9:4
And Jesus seeing their reflections, said, Why reflect ye within your hearts?
John 6:41
Then murmured the Jews about him, because he said, I am the bread having come down from heaven.
1 Corinthians 10:10
Neither do ye murmur, as also some of them murmured, and were destroyed by the destroyer.

But against

Numbers 21:7
And the people will come to Moses, and they will say, We sinned, for we spake against Jehovah and against thee; wilt thou pray to Jehovah and he will remove the serpent from us? And Moses will pray for the people.
1 Samuel 8:7
And Jehovah will say to Samuel, Hear to the voice of the people to all which they will say to thee: for not thee did they reject, but me they rejected from reigning over them.
Isaiah 32:6
For the foolish will speak folly, and his heart will do vanity to do profaneness and to speak error to Jehovah, to empty the soul of the hungry; and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.
Isaiah 37:29
Because thine anger against me and thine arrogance came up into mine ear, and I put my hook in thy nose and my curb in thy lips, and I turned thee back in the way which thou camest in it
Matthew 10:40
He receiving you, receives me; and he receiving me, receives him sending me.
Luke 10:16
He hearing you hears me and he rejecting you rejects me; and he rejecting me rejects him having sent me.
John 13:20
Truly, truly, I say to you, He receiving whomsoever I shall send receives me; and he receiving me receives him having sent me.
Romans 13:2
So he opposing the power, has resisted the arrangement of God: and they having resisted shall receive to themselves judgment.
1 Thessalonians 4:8
For surely therefore he despising, despises not man, but God, he also giving his holy Spirit for us.

General references

Exodus 15:24
And the people will murmur against Moses, saying, What shall we drink?