1 And God will speak all these words, saying, 2 I am Jehovah thy God, which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of servants. 3 There shall be no other God to thee to my face. 4 Thou shalt not make to thee a carved image, and every appearance that is in the heavens above, and that is in the earth beneath, and that is in the water under the earth. 5 Thou shalt not worship to them, and thou shalt not serve them: for I am Jehovah thy God, a jealous God, striking the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons to the third and to the fourth, to them hating me; 6 And doing kindness to thousands to them loving me and to them watching my commands. 7 Thou shalt not take the name of Jehovah thy God in vain: for Jehovah will not cleanse him who shall take his name in vain. 8 Remember the day of the Sabbath to consecrate it 9 Six days thou shalt work and do all thy service: 10 And the seventh day the Sabbath to Jehovah thy God: thou shall do no service, thou, and thy son, and thy daughter, thy servant, and thy maid, and thy cattle, and thy stranger which is in thy gates. 11 For six days Jehovah made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all which is in them, and he will rest in the seventh day: for this Jehovah praised the seventh day and consecrated it. 12 Honor thy father and thy mother, so that thy days shall be prolon upon the land which Jehovah thy gave to thee. 13 Thou shalt not kill. 14 Thou shalt not commit adultery. 15 Thou shalt not steal. 16 Thou shalt not testify against thy friend for falsehood. 17 Thou shalt not desire thy friend's house, thou shalt not desire thy friend's wife, and his servant and his maid and his ox and his ass and all which is to thy friend.
18 And all the people saw the voices and the flames, and the voice of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and the people feared, and they will shake, and they will stand from far off. 19 And they will say to Moses, Speak thou with us and we will hear: and God shall not speak with us lest we shall die.
20 And Moses will say to the people, Ye shall not fear; for for this cause God came to try you, that his fear shall be to your faces, so that ye shall not sin. 21 And the people will stand from far off, and Moses will draw near to the darkness where God is there.
22 And Jehovah will say to Moses, Thus shalt thou say to the sons of Israel, Ye saw that from the heavens I spake with you. 23 Ye shall not make to me gods of silver, and gods of gold ye shall not make to yourselves.
24 An altar of earth shalt thou make to me, and sacrifice upon it thy burnt-offering and thy peace, and thy sheep and thy cattle: and in every place where I shall cause my name to be remembered, I will come to thee and bless thee. 25 And if thou shalt make to me an altar of stones, thou shalt not build them, cutting, for didst thou lift up thy sword upon it, and thou shalt defile it. 26 And thou shalt not go up by steps upon mine altar, that thou shalt not uncover thy nakedness upon it